Greater Edmonton and Area Market Update - May 2024

Posted on: June 7, 2024

Hello, everyone!

Can you believe we're almost halfway through 2024? The sun is shining, and there's promising news on the horizon, especially for those interested in the real estate market. Recently, the Bank of Canada announced a quarter percent rate cut, offering a glimmer of hope for mortgage seekers and those considering renewals. While not a massive cut, it's certainly a welcome one.

Healthy Numbers for Greater Edmonton Area:

Let's dive into the latest statistics for the Greater Edmonton area. The numbers are in, and they're impressively healthy. Total residential sales have soared to 3220, marking a significant uptick of almost 19% compared to last year. Concurrently, new listings have surged by approximately 13%, reaching 40,345. This increase in inventory is essential for maintaining a balanced market where supply meets demand.

Rising Average Residential Sale Prices:

The upward trend continues with the average residential sale price, which now stands at $441,350. We're inching closer to the $450,000 mark, indicating a steady climb in property values. In the single-family category alone, there's been a notable 12.5% increase in sales, totaling 1,894. Moreover, the average sale price for single-family residential properties has reached nearly $550,000, up by 6.8% year over year. This signifies a robust and healthy growth trajectory.

Thriving Condo Market:

Condo sales have seen remarkable growth, with a staggering 46% rise in sales volume, totaling 535. Furthermore, the average condo sale price has increased by 6.9%, demonstrating a positive trend in the market's recovery. While there's still progress to be made, the momentum is heading in the right direction at a commendable pace.

Exceptional Performance in Duplex and Rural Housing Segments:

In the duplex and rural housing segments, performance has been exceptional. Sales have surged by an impressive 21.2% year over year, reaching 34 sales last month. The average sale price in this category has experienced a substantial increase of 16.2%, nearing the $300,000 mark. This segment is thriving, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of the real estate market in the Greater Edmonton area.

Market Dynamics and Outlook:

Despite a slight increase in months of inventory to 1.18 months, the market remains firmly in the seller's favor. With anything below five months considered a seller's market, we're witnessing consistent price increases across various property types. Looking ahead, there's no indication of a slowdown. With an average of 600 more home sales per month compared to the previous year, the demand is expected to persist, driven by continued in-migration to the region.

Looking Ahead:

The current state of the real estate market in the Greater Edmonton area presents a positive outlook for sellers. While homebuyers may face increasing prices, the market remains vibrant and promising for all parties involved. As we anticipate further growth and stability in the coming months, homeowners can look forward to continued prosperity. Stay tuned for more insights and analysis in the days ahead!

Greater Edmonton and Area Market Update- May 2024


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