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Downtown Edmonton Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Downtown Edmonton, CA, is showing signs of growth and increasing interest.

The Edmonton housing market, including the downtown area, is expected to experience rising prices and near-record sales in 2024. This growth trajectory follows a period of modest price increases in recent years, with Edmonton's housing prices rising by only 28% over the past 15 years, a rate lower than the official inflation rate for the same period. This growth is considered modest when compared to other major Canadian cities.

The Edmonton market, as of December 2023, was characterized by a tight seller's market. The sales-to-new-listings ratio stood at 82%, and the sales to inventory ratio was 27%. Despite this, home prices have remained relatively stable over the past quarter. The average selling prices for different types of homes in the Greater Edmonton Area as of November 2023 were as follows: single-detached homes at $479,000, semi-detached homes at $362,000, townhouses at $271,000, and condos at $172,000.

Experts predict that the Edmonton real estate market will continue to boom in 2024, with a forecast of record sales and rising prices. However, there is a need for vigilance to provide more affordable housing options and ensure that inventory levels meet the demand.

Factors influencing the Edmonton market include population growth, interest rate changes, and housing supply issues. For instance, Edmonton saw a significant population increase of 3.5% in the latter half of 2023, with more than 45,000 people migrating to Alberta. The Bank of Canada interest rates also rose 75 basis points in 2023 to 5.0%.

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